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Drywall Patching Advice From Professional Contractors

Patching Drywall Like a Pro

Before painting a wall, the surface must be prepared, which typically requires patching. It’s one of the most crucial actions. Yet, sometimes better results require more than just a container of spackling and a tiny putty knife. Here are some drywall patching advice and products to help you do the work quickly, trouble-free, and with a perfect wall.

Make a Dent for the Patching Compound

It might be challenging to patch over a little ridge of old paint or drywall that protrudes after a nail, drywall anchor, or picture hanging is removed. The answer is to create a dent over the hole, which you should subsequently fill. The handle of the majority of high-quality putty knives is rounded and made of hard plastic or brass, which is ideal for creating the ding. The handle of a utility knife or the rounded end of a screwdriver will also work. If you can hit the target with your denting tool, use a hammer-like motion, or apply pressure to the surface while pushing the handle of the tool into the hole.

Use Stick-On Patches for Midsize Holes

Doorknob-sized holes can be patched in a variety of ways. But, applying one of these stick-on mesh patches is the quickest and simplest solution. Paint stores, hardware stores, and home improvement centers come in various sizes. Just clean the wall surface and sand it to give it a little “tooth” to utilize the patch. Next, adhere the patch over the hole and apply two or three thin coats of joint compound. Using a setting-type compound for the initial coat will expedite the process.

Use a Raking Light When Patching Walls

While prepping your walls for paint, place a powerful light so that the beam sweeps across the wall as displayed above. This will draw attention to any flaws, making them simpler to spot and correct, and it will let you know which patches require more fill or more sanding. When you are through painting, your walls will look fantastic if they appear smooth in raking light.

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