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Drywall Patching: Common Drywall Problems and How to Fix Them

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It’s quite easy to update your interior with a fresh coat of paint, especially if the drywall is in good shape. To achieve professional results, the drywall must be repaired if there are any visible symptoms of damage before painting actually starts. Here are some common drywall problems and how to fix them and why drywall patching is vital before painting:

Water damage

The best course of action in cases of severe water damage is to replace the entire drywall sheet. Investigate drywall restoration methods if the wall’s integrity hasn’t been jeopardized. To avoid the issue recurring, it’s crucial to identify and correct the damage source before attempting to repair and patch the drywall. After making the required repairs, let the drywall completely dry before evaluating its state.

Use a high-quality stain blocker if there are any water stains to stop them from penetrating the finished paint. To fix drywall that has only minor damage, remove any loose paint and topping compound, cure any moldy spots with an anti-mold solution, and allow the wall to completely dry.


Select a high-quality joint compound for larger holes and spackling compound for smaller holes when repairing and patching drywall. Apply the filler and distribute it thinly all around the hole with a putty knife. Apply one more coat of the filler after letting it dry, being careful not to overfill. Utilize fine-grit sandpaper to refine the surface after the second layer has dried.

Self-adhesive drywall patches can also be used to patch holes up to 6 inches in diameter. The best course of action is to repair the damaged area or the entire sheet if the wall has numerous holes. Cut the damaged section down using a utility knife and take it out to replace it.

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