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Drywall Repair: Cracks and Prevention

Drywall Cracks  

It’s quite important for drywall to be installed properly because if it was shoddily done, there’s a big chance of it forming cracks. When you can’t have a drywall repair service work on the damage, it can lead to various issues like weakening the wall, building, and structure. This is especially so when the drywall is installed around a door. To prevent complications, here are basic prevention and repair you can do.

Causes of Cracks

Many cracks happen on the seams, basically where two drywall pieces meet. They are also invisible because of tape and drywall mud. So the mud will fill the seams and the tape covers it to smooth it out. These drywall cracks form because of stress placed on them, like from windows, doors, and corners, although stress can come from anywhere. It can even be because of changes in temperature where it causes the drywall to contract and expand. Although some of these cracks can be avoided through proper installation. However, no matter how sturdy or strong the seams can be, some stressors will just be too much for it to handle. There could also be nail popping, where the nails start to pull out, causing dimpling on the surface.

Preventing Cracks

The basic and best way to prevent or avoid drywall cracks is proper installation. Since you want a stronger seam, you can’t cheap or go around it. Choosing the right drywall mud and tape is important. This is to strengthen the seams more to prevent cracks. You can even avoid nail popping by opting for quality lumber for the studs of your wall. Since nail pooping is just caused by warping the studs, using quality lumber can prevent this from happening.

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