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Easy Sand for Drywall Patching

Easily Patching Your Drywall With Sand

When the proper patching supplies are utilized, fixing holes in drywall is much simpler. Even minor holes can be frustrating to patch and sand when you use the wrong product for the job. Large holes take longer to cure if drywall needs to be ripped out and rebuilt. Many people have discovered that not all patching materials operate equally, much like paint. When used inside large holes, some compounds often spackle, shrink excessively, sand poorly, or take too long to dry completely. In this post, we’ll discuss Easy Sand, a drywall patching product that has been around for a while.

A joint compound in a bag is the ideal patching substance to use for repairing drywall holes. When joint compound is purchased in bags, sometimes known as “hot mud,” it is mixed with water and dries more quickly than premixed drywall mud that is purchased in buckets. I’ve always taped and repaired drywall with Easy Sand joint compound. Even big repair areas can be primed and painted on the same day because of the shorter drying time.

Fast Dry Times and Low Cost

Easy Sand is available at any home improvement retailer that sells drywall products for less than $15. Depending on how much drywall repair work needs to be done, you can purchase Easy Sand with dry durations ranging from five to ninety minutes.

Patches Easily

As long as you put on thin patches without thick edges, this product sands readily. Although it’s a fantastic option for simple wall repairs because of its ease of sanding, the spackle previously suggested is simpler and less messy. Without priming first, the compound’s grey, the chalky finish might show through lighter paint shades. Use a nice latex primer to coat your patches.

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