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Frequently Asked Questions

Putting up drywall is the easy part, however, when it comes to the finishing part, that is when most DIY weekend warriors come unglued. If you have hit the same problem with your drywalling project, then you have come to the right place. Read this frequently asked questions post to find out why AI Patch Pros Drywall Repair are the people to use when it comes to drywall repair and finishing.

Do you have much experience?

Are 20 years sufficient? Ah, you thought we were amateurs because our company was founded in 2019, in this case, we are happy to disappoint you. Our residential drywall company is known within the Pueblo West, CO community for providing quality workmanship at budget-friendly prices. We can remove and replace all of your old and loose drywall, in addition to addressing issues, that include holes, cracks, dents, popped nails, well you get the picture. Also, our services extend to just repairs, and you can read more on what they are further in this post.

Do you only work in the Pueblo West, CO area?

No, we will also offer our services to the residents of Fowler; CO. And may consider suggestions to travel to other areas depending on what the job entails.

Will you only accept cash-paid jobs?

No, we will take checks too. If you would rather prefer paying us this way, not a problem.

Do you only deal with residential clients?

No, we also deal with commercial drywall projects.

What about free estimates?

Yes, this is something we firmly believe in. Even though we know that our rates as some of the most competitive in the area, we still like our clients to find out for themselves by comparing our prices with others in the area.

What about discounts?

Our veterans, seniors, and military clients will all receive a 10% discount.

Do you provide your clients with any warranties?

We do, but they do vary all depending on the service that we provide. However, we will speak at length about this and more in our initial meeting.

Do you have valid insurance?

Of course, we do. Most people are unaware that insurance not only covers them but for us too. And, protects our clients against any liabilities that may befall them.

What are the working hours of AI Patch Pros Drywall Repair?

Our drywall service works from the following hours:

Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

Tell me about your other services

No problem, please read the following:

  • Commercial Drywall Services

  • Residential Drywall Services

  • Drywall Repairs

  • Drywall Patching

  • Drywall Installation

Details on the above services are available, so what are you waiting for, call us today.

References or customer reviews?

We have many and they are found mostly on our testimonials page. Details from our customers about what they thought of our prices, workmanship, and overall services are all listed there.

If your fears have been laid to rest by the answers given in this frequently asked questions post, and would like to make an appointment with our drywall contractor, please do not hesitate to call us today at (719) 212-5048 within the hours listed in this article.