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How a Drywall Contractor Fixes a Hole

Fixing a Hole on the Wall

It doesn’t seem to matter how meticulous we are; accidents happen to walls. Most of the time, we end up putting a hole in them! It may be from moving a piece of furniture or accidentally kicking it too hard! Calling a drywall contractor makes fixing these easier; however, if you want to DIY fix, here’s what you need to do.

Start by cutting the hole; get off the edges. Peel around the hole inside to ensure the plaster stays intact. If it’s not, cut the hole big enough to eliminate all those cracked areas. Otherwise, the fix will be weak because of an uneven application. Now, you have a reasonably clean hole to start with.

Make use of some boards. This can be some lightweight scrap wood lying around. Screw it into the drywall. Get a piece of scrap drywall as well. Don’t buy a whole sheet just for this minor repair. Check out your local hardware store. They most likely will have some scraps they will give you. Once again, attach this with drywall screws to the backer board.

Using some self-adhesive fiberglass tape apply it over the area of the patch. Now you are ready to apply the plaster, called mud, by the way. You don’t need an enormous container of it either. Quickly patch an average size hole with a small container. Use a drywall knife to apply the plaster properly. Apply coat as evenly as possible and extend a little bit beyond the perimeters of the repairs. Then, let it dry.

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