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Quick and Efficient Wall Patching Tips for a Perfect Wall

Mend the Problems on Your Wall

Prior to painting a wall, the surface must be prepared, which typically requires mending. It’s one of the most crucial actions. However, sometimes better results require more than just a container of spackling and a tiny putty knife. Here are some wall patching advice and products to help you do the work quickly, trouble-free, and with a perfect wall.

Make a Dent in the Patch Compound

When a nail, plasterboard anchor, or picture hanging is taken out, a small ridge of old paint or plasterboard that protrudes may be difficult to cover. Making a dent over the hole and then filling it in is the solution. Most high-quality putty knives have rounded handles made of hard plastic or metal that are perfect for making dents. The handle of a knife or the rounded end of a screwdriver handle will also work. Use your denting tool like a hammer if you have good aim, otherwise, put the handle up against the hole and twist it just a little while exerting pressure to dent the surface.

Seal Exposed Drywall Paper Before Patching

The top layer of plasterboard paper is frequently torn off when outdated adhesive or self-sticking picture hangers are removed, exposing fuzzy brown paper. The water in the mending substance will cause the paper to bubble if you attempt to patch over it without sealing it first, which will make the problem worse. Use something other than a water-based product to avoid experiencing the same bubbling issue. To get rid of the dried-out paper fluff, simply sand the area once the sealer has dried. Then, just like with any other wall repair, apply a mending compound to the area.

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