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The Steps to Repairing Drywall Cracks

Cracks Are No Longer an Issue

Drywall is affordable, portable, and simple to install. Compared to the plaster walls in earlier homes, drywall also doesn’t break as quickly, although it is not waterproof. As a result, filling in drywall cracks is a frequent home improvement task, regardless of how old or damaged your drywall is. The steps for fixing patching in your home are listed below.

Step 1: Make a cut

The first step in repairing patching is to use a utility knife to make a V-notch through the whole length of the damage, which is between 18 and 14 inches deep. Next, remove all of the loose wall material. The area will then be covered with masking tape to preserve the woodwork.

Step 2: Embedding Drywall Tape

The next step is to use a 6-inch taping blade to embed paper tape in the joint compound. Wetting the paper tape with water and using the knife to remove extra mixture and air from underneath may prevent air bubbles from being trapped under the video. Then use as much tape as required to cover the entire length of the crack.

Step 3: Use joint compound

Finally, add a second or third layer of compound, as necessary. After giving the repair ample time to dry, sand it smooth and paint it entirely. Cracks may appear at the corners of doors and windows as homes settle. You can fix the cracks in two steps over a day or two, regardless of whether your walls are built of drywall or plaster.

Although fixing drywall cracks is relatively easy, there are still good reasons to hire a professional, and certain situations could require extra care. Therefore, it is best to consult them to ensure you are never compromised. You may address your drywall issues at home with experts like AI Patch Pros Drywall Repair at Pueblo West, CO. Call (719) 212-5048 for fantastic drywall services and more if you’re interested!