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When Is Patching Drywall Feasible

What Causes Holes in Drywall

Patching minor drywall holes is easy! All that is needed is drywall tape or a patch; however, you will need to follow a few more steps when dealing with larger holes. Any hole that has a diameter that is more than 6-8 inches is too big to be taped or patched, so you will need to follow other steps when repairing a large hole in drywall.

Is Repairing a Large Hole in Drywall a Job That a Novice DIY Homeowner Can Do?

While repairing large holes in drywall looks like a daunting repair job, it is often quite straightforward, even for beginners to try. So long as you read the instructions on how to repair a large hole carefully and invest in the correct equipment and materials, you should find it easy. That being said, if the hole is big, or you are concerned about any electrical wires, plumbing, or extensive cracking around it, consider calling in a professional instead.

What Causes Large Holes in Drywall or Sheetrock?

Any forceful impact will result in a hole in drywall, and the bigger the object, the bigger the hole will be, it stands to reason. One of the most common causes is door handles when someone opens a door too hard or the door is blown open by the wind. This causes the handle to crack into the wall, often resulting in a significant hole. Accidentally banging drywall with furniture or other objects can also leave you with a large hole that needs repairing. Children are often the culprits of damaging drywall when playing or throwing toys around.

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